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Capcon Reality

Specialised compliance related services to the Hospitality & Leisure Sector

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  • Stock controls - Realtime visibility, enhancing productivity and efficiency
  • Training - Helping your clients enhance their team’s management skills
  • Brand protection - In-depth, independent customer insights
  • Audit & Due Diligence - Assessing and prioritising risk. Independent, objective compliance reviews
  • Payroll and Operational Audits

Capcon Argen

Intelligence, protection and security for businesses spanning a range of sectors

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+44 (0)1372 237 050


  • Due Diligence - Minimising reputational and operational threats
  • Investigations - Safeguarding against conflicts of interest, data vulnerabilities, and imminent threats
  • Protection - Protecting your people and your assets
  • Business Intelligence & Continuity Management - Critical insight and resilience testing
  • High Level Employment Screening - Objective, independent intelligence about a prospective candidate
  • Training - Improving strategic risk management

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Capcon Reality and Capcon Argen are trading names of Capcon Limited

Registered address: 82 St. John Street, London, EC1M 4JN

Company number: 03798248