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Capcon gives clients easy access to a joined-up range of specialist business services spanning audit & stocktaking, reporting & data analysis, employee screening, payroll and corporate due diligence

Our Expertise

Our business is founded on the principles that have been with the company since its inception – you’ll find that we take a flexible and responsive approach, delivering services that are tailored to a high degree, matching your needs precisely.

A commitment to partnership is another characteristic of Capcon: it’s only through establishing strong business relationships that we can accurately specify and respond to requirements. This collaboration is more than just a one-off exercise at the inception of a contract. Our senior executives and account specialists stay actively involved with your business.

Sometimes the issues that you need us to advise on may be complex or sensitive. In these situations, you can rest assured that confidentiality is guaranteed. Capcon will address the issues while protecting your integrity and reputation. Our teams follow rigorous procedures and are driven by a clear set of ethics and code of conduct, working at all times within the bounds of civil and criminal law.

Our History

With a heritage stretching back to the early 1960s, Capcon offers an exceptional level of experience and client confidence.

The company was founded by Ken Dulieu. We initially specialised in the provision of stocktaking and investigation services, before diversifying to include the provision of security personnel to a wide range of blue chip clients.

In 1994 the company floated on the main list of the London Stock Exchange, before acquisition by Carlisle Holdings plc in 1998. In the following year the management team bought out the Stocktaking and Investigation divisions through their newly established company Capcon Limited.

In 2001 Capcon Holdings plc floated on AIM, more recently acquiring two commercial investigation businesses.

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We are commited to delivering the tools and support that helps companies grow, manage risk and improve profitability.

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