Restaurants & Pubs

With this area of the industry being more evenly split between food and beverage it is increasingly important to have well structured menus producing strong gross profits to support the sales mix of the business – from a meal that is well balanced in quality of product and value from your supplier, to a cocktail that produces a great gross profit and has high sales.

Stock controls for restaurants & pubs

A key way for restaurant businesses to stay profitable is by having effective and efficient inventory management systems in place.

Professional stock control systems in restaurants will help to:

  • Calculate your cost of goods sold
  • Track Ingredient Loss
  • Minimise food waste
  • Ensure consistency in quality
  • Reduce spoilage and other losses
  • Identify potential theft or guest and employee misdemeanors
  • Ensure accurate forecasting
  • Enhance product lifecycle
  • Better manage suppliers
  • Impove customer satisfaction
  • Grow profits

Capcon’s inventory management systems for restaurants enable stock movements between multiple outlets, analysis of recipe costs & theoretical margins, identifying target margins & pricing strategies, and delivering quick reviews with dashboard stock summary reports.

Our stock auditing processes give realtime visibility including a series of key stock management indicators to help restaurant businesses sense check data integrity, boost productivity, and enhance margins and efficiency.

Employee training for restaurants & pubs

Restaurant staff are the point of contact between the business and the customers. There should therefore be no compromise when equipping waiters and restaurant staff with the tools necessary to do their job properly.

Service above all is important to the customer and although you may have the quality in your products that you serve, if the customers’ expectations are not met this can mean the difference between a return visit or a bad review.

Capcon’s training services to restaurants span a range of areas, from accurate use of the systems, to ensuring processes are adhered to, risk is controlled, that all staff – from management, down – are equipped with the skills necessary to perform at their best and deliver an exceptional client experience in a reduced risk environment.

Pre-employment screening for restaurants & pubs

A restaurant’s reputation is driven by quality service and quality employees. Capcon also offers employee screening services for restaurants, including comprehensive hospitality background checks for restaurant managers and employees. This helps to streamline your hiring processes and mitigate the risk and cost of bad recruitment decisions.
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