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Capcon specialises in providing restaurants and pubs with effective stock controls, employee training, and comprehensive services tailored to drive profitability and operational efficiency.

Driving Revenue Growth for Restaurants & Pubs

In the competitive industry of restaurants and pubs, achieving profitability is a top priority. It’s crucial to have well-structured menus that generate strong gross profits and effective inventory management systems. Capcon specialises in providing tailored solutions for this specialist sector.

Stock Control for Restaurants & Pubs

Benefits of Professional Stock Controls:

• Calculate cost of goods sold

• Track ingredient loss

• Minimise food waste

• Ensure consistent quality

• Reduce spoilage and losses

• Identify theft and misconduct

• Accurate forecasting

• Improve product lifecycle

• Streamline supplier management

• Enhance customer satisfaction

• Drive profit growth

Capcon’s inventory management systems enable seamless stock movements across multiple outlets, analyse recipe costs and margins, establish target margins and pricing strategies, and provide quick reviews with comprehensive stock summary reports.

Real-time visibility and key stock management indicators empower restaurants to validate data integrity, boost productivity, and optimise margins and efficiency.

Empowering Restaurant Staff through Training

Delivering exceptional customer service is crucial in the restaurant industry. Equipping waitstaff and restaurant employees with the necessary tools and skills is paramount to meet customer expectations and drive repeat business.

Capcon offers comprehensive training services that cover system utilisation, adherence to processes, risk management, and skills development for all staff levels. Our aim is to create a reduced-risk environment where every team member performs at their best, ensuring an outstanding customer experience.

Pre-Employment Screening for Staff

A restaurant’s reputation hinges on both service excellence and the quality of its employees. Capcon provides thorough hospitality background checks for restaurant managers and staff, streamlining the hiring process and mitigating the risks and costs associated with poor recruitment decisions.
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