Capcon Argen:
Intelligent Risk Management & Security Solutions

Capcon Argen offers discreet intelligence services to help businesses and individuals manage risk, implement countermeasures, and provide security solutions, ensuring effective risk management and protection.

Expert Services You Can Trust​

Capcon Argen is a long-established private intelligence firm with a global reach, dedicated to providing intelligence, protection, and security services to a diverse clientele worldwide. We specialise in helping companies and individuals effectively manage risk and mitigate unexpected threat events. With our discreet intelligence sourcing, we empower our clients to implement countermeasures and obtain critical information vital to their business functions and transactions.

Our Range of Services

Business Continuity

 Safeguard the continuity of your business operations with our comprehensive business continuity solutions. We identify potential vulnerabilities, develop contingency plans, and provide guidance to ensure uninterrupted service and mitigate disruptions.

Business Intelligence

Stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions with our business intelligence services. Our experts analyse market trends, customer behavior, and competitor data, providing you with valuable insights to drive your business forward.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence services involve assessing and prioritising risk through independent, objective compliance reviews, enabling informed decision-making and proactive risk management.

Executive Screening & Compliance

Ensure the credibility and integrity of your executive hires through our thorough screening and compliance services. We conduct meticulous background checks, assess reputational risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, giving you confidence in your leadership team.


Uncover hidden risks and protect your interests with our professional investigative services. Our skilled investigators delve deep into the matter, gather crucial evidence, and provide actionable information to mitigate threats and safeguard your business.


Safeguard your assets, data, and personnel with our comprehensive protection services. We develop tailored strategies that encompass physical and cybersecurity measures to mitigate risks and ensure the safety and security of your operations.

Trust in Our Expertise

At Capcon Argen, we pride ourselves on our expertise, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction. With our extensive experience across a wide range of sectors, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses and individuals in managing risk and ensuring security.

When you choose Capcon Argen, you can trust that our discreet and reliable intelligence services will help you navigate threats, make informed decisions, and protect what matters most to you. Our global reach and dedication to excellence set us apart as a trusted partner for intelligence, protection, and security.

Contact us today to discover how Capcon Argen can assist you in managing risk, implementing countermeasures, and providing the intelligence you need to thrive in an unpredictable world. Trust our expertise to safeguard your business and enhance your peace of mind.


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