Stock Taking

Specialised stock taking services for the liquor, food, leisure, and retail industries, optimising efficiency and profitability through expert management, insights, and tailored solutions.
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Stock Taking

Capcon bring extensive expertise and specialist knowledge to stock taking and control across various industries, including liquor, food, leisure, and retail operations. We understand that effective stock control is crucial for customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and maximising profit margins.

Operating in the hospitality sector across the UK, we assist pubs, restaurants, hotels, wine estates, theatres, casinos, and major venues in managing and improving their stock controls. Our comprehensive services provide valuable insights into key performance indicators such as gross margin by product, purchase details and cost prices, and adherence to stocking policies.

Whether you have a single site or a multi-site business, we have experience in delivering key data to meet your specific requirements.

Electronic Cellar Management System

Effective management of central storage areas is essential, and Capcon can review and address any issues that could impact local stock results. Our systems and reporting provide unparalleled stock transparency and control, ensuring accurate stock transfer management with up-to-date theoretical balances. Our user-friendly Electronic Cellar Management System allows authorised users to easily access reports and check cellar stock.

Maximise Accuracy and Profitability

Capcon’s stock taking services go beyond mere counting. We help you maximise accuracy, improve supplier negotiations, highlight variances, and identify profitability opportunities through tactical promotions. Our skilled auditors are proficient in using our own Management Systems and other available systems, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with your existing business systems. You can rely on our auditors to provide confirmed data, eliminating the need for in-house audits and giving you the information you need with confidence.

Tailored Services for Your Unique Needs

We understand that no two businesses or sites are the same. That’s why we offer a variety of stocktaking services that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Our offerings include:

• On-property Audits: Our skilled auditors provide data and analysis to assess how your sites are performing, helping you increase profitability and reduce risk.

• Remote Stocks: We support and analyse the data processed by your business, adding an extra layer of validity to internal stocks and minimising the possibility of errors.

• Stock Counts: Whether you need an external auditor to validate your stock holding value for a business sale or accurate data for your P&L, we ensure precise and reliable results.

Find out more about our Capcon’s Stock Controls, a cloud-based, bespoke stocktaking solution revolutionising inventory management with convenience, integration, global support, user empowerment, and data-driven decision-making.

Choose Capcon for Comprehensive Stock Taking and Stock Controls

Capcon is your trusted partner for comprehensive stock taking and Stock Control solutions. With our expertise, industry knowledge, and tailored services, we help you enhance customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and profit margins. Contact us today to explore how we can assist your business in managing and improving your stock taking and stock controls.

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