With multiple revenue streams and frequent changes of product volumes due to show demographics, theatres have an even harder task of controlling stock in a particularly open sales environment.

Inventory management for theatres

To capture as much of the sales opportunity as possible – which can often be limited to just 20 minutes pre-show – venues must bring the products to their patrons now more frequently “at seat” rather than rely on a traditional service.

While this is good for customer service and increased sales volumes, it adds further risk to the business as products are distributed all around the venue in consumer space, demanding robust security procedures and employee accountability.

Professional stocktaking services for theatres

Capcon understands the balance of sales vs control and has expert knowledge of creating processes that meet the requirements of theatres. Working with the venue we can build a stock controls framework, monitor compliance and keep a track of your stock security, helping you optimise stock holding and distribution, minimise waste and ensure that stock is correctly replenished.

Theatre staff recruitment

The theatre industry is fast moving, client centric sector, where staff are on the frontline meeting and greeting, servicing and guiding patrons in tight timelines. Trust and reliability are therefore important factors in ensuring a smooth and safe customer experience and reducing risk for theatre owners.

Professional employment screening for theatres

Some of the biggest challenge for theatres is recruiting, retaining and training its workforce. A culture of safety is a priority for theatre management, as is the importance of mitigating loss exposures, increasing sales in tight windows of opportunity, and reducing risk. With this in mind, both existing and new staff must must be given the right level of training relevant to their positions.

Capcon provides objective, independent and tiered screening programmes and background checks for prospective employees, to ensure you know who you are recruiting and reducing workforce risk.

Training for theatre staff

Capcon offers the experience and understanding to develop and deliver effective staff training and professional development for your theatre staff. Our specialised training programmes help to enhance your team’s management skills, and increase your employees’ risk control capabilities, whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and employee retention.

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