Capcon Reality:
Compliance Solutions Tailored for Hospitality Businesses

Capcon Reality specialises in compliance solutions for Hospitality & Leisure businesses, ensuring regulatory adherence and operational excellence through expert services tailored to your needs.

Elevating Hospitality with Specialised Solutions

At Capcon Reality, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals and businesses in various sectors and jurisdictions. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of professional services that cater to individuals and businesses across various sectors and jurisdictions. Each service is carefully tailored to meet the unique needs and risk profile of our clients.


Our auditing services ensure that your operations comply with industry regulations and standards. Our team of experts conducts thorough assessments and provides actionable recommendations to enhance your compliance practices.

Employment Screening

Make informed hiring decisions with our comprehensive employment screening solutions. We perform rigorous background checks, reference verifications, and more, ensuring that you build a trustworthy and reliable workforce.

Inventory Management Software

Streamline your inventory management processes with our cutting-edge software solutions. Our software optimises efficiency, reduces errors, and empowers you to efficiently manage your inventory.

Mystery Guest Review

Enhance your customer experiences with our mystery guest review services. Our professional reviewers provide valuable feedback on the quality of your services, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

Risk Management

Safeguard your business with our expert risk management services. We assess potential risks, develop customised strategies, and provide ongoing support to protect your business from financial, operational, and reputational risks.

Stock Controls

Specialised Stock Controls services for hospitality businesses, optimising inventory management, reducing costs, and maximising profitability. Tailored solutions provide comprehensive assessments, data analysis, optimisation strategies, and ongoing support.

Stock Taking

Optimise your stock management with our stock taking services. We help you maintain accurate inventory records, prevent losses, and improve overall stock control and efficiency.


Empower your staff with our comprehensive training programmes. We equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure efficient compliance practices and stock management.

At Capcon Reality, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions that drive compliance, improve operational efficiency, and mitigate risks. With our expertise and client-centric approach, you can trust us to provide reliable services tailored to your specific requirements.

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