For most hospitality businesses, the main goal of stocktaking is to maximise profit from the lowest investment in products. However, hotels offer many opportunities for risk, as they are multi-service faceted with many moving parts.


With various offerings, from luxury to bespoke and economy, multiple operations are presented under one roof. Adding to this, multiple styles of hotels can offer its own complications with focus on various revenue streams.

This in turn can provide challenging tasks such as levels of stock control and par levels currently being held and implications of increasing costs of inventory.

Stocktaking for hotels

With well-considered inventory and purchasing practices in place, hotels can curb rising food cost percentages whilst managing risk and growing their bottom line.

Accurate stocktaking systems and procedures enable hotel management to:

  • Easily identify any discrepancies in stock levels
  • Measure product performance
  • Enhance efficiencies in ordering and forecasting of stock level requirements
  • Ensure that all stock is utilised effectively, with no excess purchases, spoiling and underutilisation
  • Maintain gross profit levels
  • Ascertain why you are not hitting your targets
  • highlight a number of problems including theft and shrinkage issues.

With real-time data, hotels can accurately monitor stock levels, reduce loss, improve control, reduce waste, identify risk factors and discrepancies, and increase profits.

Professional inventory management for hotels

Having supported the industry for many years, Capcon understands the challenges faced by hotels and offers stocktaking services which are aimed at reducing risk, increasing profits and offering peace of mind through full transparency and easy to navigate systems.

  • We can implement stock controls through a cellar management system, which enables hotels to monitor inventory entering the business and leaving cellars to the point of sale.
  • Stock balancing and profit and loss calculations can be a demanding request from any owner and highly time consuming on any business. We are able to implement systems which clearly highlight product variances and areas of risk.
  • All our solutions are aimed at minimising loss and improving control through achievable action plans.

Capcon can relieve these stresses and pressures with a timely service, providing detailed feedback to assist and advise stock controls, compliance, security and risk.

Recruiting for hotels

To capture and maintain sales opportunities, the hotel sector has to continuously adapt to changes and seasonal fluctuations. With this in mind, hotels must strategically plan for team member recruitment and retention.

The holiday season can often see hotels running the risk of being short-staffed and overly crowded, leaving hotel management grappling with the need to maintain a safety culture, mitigate loss exposures and reduce risk. Both existing and new staff must therefore have adequate training relevant to their positions.

Training for hotel staff

Hotel employees to be multi skilled as they are often asked to cover different departments. This offers risk to the business, demanding further security procedures and processes and a greater need for employee accountability. Training is therefore essential.

Hotels deliver a huge diversity of training needs for staff, with good training programmes starting with the management at the top and filtering down through the ranks from front of house staff, to housekeeping, bar and restaurant staff.

The level and intensity of training that an individual staff member will require can vary depending on their job role, ensuring that the appropriate hotel employee training programmes are put in place to develop the appropriate skills and optimise working processes.

Capcon’s specialised training programmes help to enhance a hotel team’s management skills, and increase employee risk control capabilities, thereby protecting the business and enhancing profits.

Pre-recruitment screening for hotels

Background checks and employment screening for staff in the hospitality industry not only helps to protect the business and other employees, but also to protect hotel guests.

Additional benefits of pre-employment checks for hotels include:

  • Reduced threat of employee theft and embezzlement
  • Enhanced customer service and guest experience
  • Boosts the likelihood of repeat business and positive online customer reviews
  • Reduces the threat of litigation relating to negligent hiring
  • Discourages dishonest applicants from applying for vacancies
  • Reduces staff turnover and the longer term cost of training
  • Ensures that the hotel business complies with current legislation

Capcon’s range of employee screening for hotels helps businesses mitigate risk and safeguard against unexpected threat events.

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