Comprehensive solutions for hotels, including accurate stocktaking, specialised training programmes, and pre-employment screening, helping to minimise risk, increase profits.


Welcome to Capcon, your specialist partner in the hotel industry. We understand that hotels are dynamic and complex businesses, with various services and revenue streams operating under one roof. Managing stock, controlling costs, and ensuring efficient operations can be challenging. That’s why Capcon is here to provide expert solutions tailored to the specific needs of hotels.

Stocktaking for hotels

Maximising profits while minimising investment in products is a key goal for hospitality businesses, and hotels are no exception. However, hotels come with their own set of risks and complications due to their multifaceted nature. We recognise the importance of accurate stock control and par levels to control costs and manage inventory effectively.

With our well-designed inventory and purchasing practices, hotels can:

• Easily identify discrepancies in stock levels

• Measure product performance

• Enhance efficiencies in ordering and forecasting stock requirements

• Ensure optimal utilisation of stock, preventing excess purchases, spoilage, and underutilisation

• Maintain gross profit levels

• Identify reasons for not meeting targets, including theft and shrinkage issues

Our real-time data systems enable hotels to monitor stock levels accurately, reduce loss, improve control, minimise waste, identify risk factors, and increase profits.

Professional inventory management for hotels

Capcon has been supporting the hotel industry for many years, understanding the unique challenges faced by hotels. Our stocktaking services are designed to reduce risk, increase profits, and provide peace of mind through transparent and user-friendly systems.

We offer:

• Implementation of cellar management systems to monitor inventory from the point of entry to the point of sale

• Stock balancing and profit and loss calculations to highlight product variances and areas of risk

• Customised solutions aimed at minimising loss and improving control through actionable plans

• Timely service with detailed feedback to assist and advise on stock controls, compliance, security, and risk

Recruiting for hotels

In the hotel sector, capturing and maintaining sales opportunities requires strategic planning for team member recruitment and retention. With seasonal fluctuations and changing market demands, hotels face the challenge of ensuring adequate staffing levels while maintaining safety standards, mitigating loss exposures, and reducing risk.

We understand the importance of well-trained staff who can adapt to different roles and departments within a hotel. This demands robust security procedures, employee accountability, and comprehensive training.

At Capcon, we offer specialised training programmes that enhance management skills and improve employee risk control capabilities. By developing the right skills and optimising working processes, hotels can protect their business and enhance profitability.

Pre-recruitment screening for hotels

Background checks and employment screening play a crucial role in safeguarding the business, employees, and guests in the hospitality industry. With Capcon’s range of employee screening services, hotels can mitigate risk and protect against unexpected threats.

The benefits of pre-employment checks for hotels include:

• Reduced threat of employee theft and embezzlement

• Enhanced customer service and guest experience
Increased likelihood of repeat business and positive online reviews

• Reduction in litigation risks related to negligent hiring

• Deterrence of dishonest applicants

• Decreased staff turnover and long-term training costs

• Compliance with current legislation

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