Arena venues offer many risk challenges to operators due to large numbers of multiple outlets, the reliance of casual staff members and spasmodic, infrequent and diverse events.

Stock management for arenas

To minimize risk of loss of product thorough waste, operators must understand and utilise:

  • a ‘just in time’ procurement policy – providing what is needed, when needed, and in the amount needed 
  • a limited product portfolio with the target of having minimum product left after each event, and 
  • the ideal of a “sale or return” contract with their suppliers.

It is also important for arenas to gain a good understanding of the demographics of their customer base, knowing that the catering for a rock concert event will be different to that of a classical concert event, and stock must therefore be varied. 

Risk management and profit enhancement for arenas

Capcon has a wealth of experience in working with large arena venues:

  • offering guidance in stock control from minimizing waste by putting processes in place to monitor and manage stockholding levels
  • offering advice and support in recruitment processes and procedures
  • undertaking employee screening and background pre-employment checks

Recruiting for arenas

Recruitment for arena staff can present challenges. The seasonal nature of an arenas recruitment policy for service staff, leaves operators open to cash and product theft. This is because seasonal staff by nature generally do not share the same passion for business success as their employers.

Capcon’s pre-employment screening and employee background checks for arenas helps businesses reduce risk, enhance compliance, and enable a more efficient recruitment process.

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