Specialist services, helping casinos optimise their operations through tailored solutions, including stock management, risk-managed recruitment, comprehensive employee screening, and employee training services.

Enhancing Casino Experiences: Capcon Solutions

As the demand for new and immersive casino experiences grows, effective controls and stock management become vital for maximising profits.

Stock Management for Casinos

Capcon helps casinos optimise their diverse product range, avoiding excess purchases, spoilage, and underutilisation. Our expertise in inventory management ensures no stock shortages or lost sales, while controlling costs.

Tailored Solutions for Casinos

Capcon understands the unique needs of casinos and night entertainment venues. We offer customised advice on product ranges, VIP stock segregation, and control systems to minimise losses and identify fraud risks, maximising profits and compliance.

POS Systems and Analysis

Our expert advice on advanced POS systems enables comprehensive transaction analysis, uncovering justifications and action plans to rectify discrepancies, empowering efficient operations and revenue protection.

Risk-Managed Recruitment Through Comprehensive Employee Screening

With increasing criminal activities targeting casinos, robust risk management is crucial. Capcon’s employee screening solutions provide tailored background checks for all levels of hires, safeguarding against potential threats.

We offer custom employee screening packages, ranging from entry-level checks to in-depth reviews for high-level and security-sensitive positions, ensuring a trustworthy workforce and a secure environment.

Training for Success

Capcon provides extensive employee training services, empowering your team with enhanced management skills, risk control capabilities, and improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall business performance.

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