With over 140 casinos in the UK, there is an increasing demand for new and improved experiences, as customers broaden their entertainment preferences. With increasing demand brings the need for enhanced controls and the ability to manage stock to fulfil profit margins.

Stock purchasing and receving for casinos

Casinos have a diverse product range and they rely heavily on optimising each sale to boost profit. It is therefore important that all stock is utilised effectively, with no excess purchases, spoiling and underutilisation

Adding to this, casinos do not want to underorder and run out of stock, leading to loss of sales. Inventory management and tracking is therefore essential for casinos.

Capcon’s stock management for casinos

Capcon provides expertise to support customers to identify the needs of casinos and night entertaining. Whether it is segregating stock for VIP’s, providing advice on product ranges bespoke to maximise profits, or educating on control systems to help reduce losses, Capcon can help monitor the necessary compliance awareness that helps identify issues of fraud and the consequences that maximising profits entails.

Capcon offers expert advice on POS systems that can analyse transactions against consumption and drill down into the cause and effect to expose full justifications and the necessary action plans to rectify any discrepancies.

Recruiting for casinos

Risk management is an important element of the recruitment process for casinos. The extensive rise in the number of criminals targeting casinos, the increase in syndicate activity, and well-planned criminal activity, means that it has never been more important to ensure that you know who you are hiring. Sophisticated employee screening is should form part of every casino’s risk management strategy.

Employment screening for casinos

Capcon’s customised employee screening and risk management solutions for casinos are designed to meet the specific needs of each establishment. We offer a tiered approach to our background checks, from entry level checks to more advanced, in-depth employee screening reviews for high-level hires and for employees working in more secure areas of the facility.

Staff training for casinos

We are also able to offer extensive employee training services to casinos aimed at enhancing your team’s management skills, increasing your employees’ risk control capabilities, enhancing employee satisfaction, reducing staff turnover and improving customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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