Lee Bowen

Head of Operations & Development

Lee is an experienced professional in management roles in hospitality and financial services. He is the Head of Operations and Development at Capcon Limited, leading a team of 50 auditors nationwide. With expertise in business planning, operations management, project planning, and software development, Lee plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s success.

Within the Capcon group, Lee specialises in compliance services for the hospitality and leisure sector through Capcon Realty. This includes real-time stock control, training programmes for management skills, customer insights for brand protection, and risk assessments. He also works with Capcon Argen, providing intelligence, protection, and security services to multinational corporations, assisting them in expanding geographically while mitigating risks.

Lee’s career began in an IT Department and later moved to the hospitality industry as an induction and development coordinator, refining his team-building and operational management skills.

Outside of work, Lee contributes to his community and education sector as a Governor for Moat Hall Academy and a Trustee for Future Generation Trust overseeing five academies. He shapes policies, resource allocation, curriculum development, and performance evaluation.

Lee’s leadership, strategic acumen, and commitment to continuous improvement drive success in business and education. His experience and dedication make him an asset for achieving goals and fostering growth.

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