Confessions of a Hospitality Trainer: The Transformation at Lakeview Resort

A well-known establishment in Brighton, Seaview Resort had long been a favourite for both holiday-makers and corporate retreats. Despite its idyllic location and committed staff, the resort was struggling with inefficiencies and stagnating profit margins. Realising the need to revitalise their operations, the management decided to enlist the services of Capcon for a comprehensive training […]

The Importance and Benefits of Training in Stock Control for the Hospitality Sector

Article published by UK Hospitality, July 2023. Effective stock control is crucial for success in the hospitality sector. It ensures operational efficiency, minimises waste, maximises profitability, and delivers excellent customer service. Stock control involves managing deliveries, tracking inventory, and conducting regular stock takes.  In this article, Capcon Ltd, a stock control expert and member of […]

Hidden Costs of Poor Training

The UK hospitality industry is a vital sector of the economy that generates billions of pounds in revenue each year. However, it is also an industry that is characterised by a high turnover rate and a workforce that is often underpaid and undervalued. In this context, training is essential for ensuring that employees are equipped […]

Why employee retention is better than recruitment in the hospitality sector

Anyone who has ever worked in a business is aware of how difficult it is to attract and retain the best employees. It’s critical that business owners take every step possible to ensure that their top performers stay with them for as long as possible. This is particularly relevant in one of the most difficult […]

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