Case Study – Mystery Guest review: High-end food and beverage establishment

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Case Study – Mystery Guest review: High-end food and beverage establishment

Mystery Guest reviews are covert evaluations conducted by our anonymous Capcon operatives to assess the quality of service and overall guest experience at various establishments. These incognito reviewers observe staff behaviour, interactions, and service standards while posing as regular customers. By providing unbiased feedback and highlighting areas for improvement, Mystery Guest reviews offer valuable insights that help businesses enhance their operations, identify training needs, and ultimately deliver exceptional customer service. With our discreet observations, Mystery Guest reviews assist establishments in maintaining high standards and meeting customer expectations.

A recent visit to a well-established, high-end hotel bar and dining facilities left our Mystery Guest operatives, as well as other patrons, disappointed. The lack of attentiveness from the staff, particularly towards guests on the outdoor terrace, hindered the overall customer experience. Furthermore, the operatives discovered errors on the menus, including a spelling mistake and a significant pricing discrepancy. Additionally, the limited wine selection by the glass was deemed inadequate for a venue of this calibre.

Observations and Findings:

Our Mystery Guest operatives arrived at the hotel’s bar and were not greeted promptly by any staff members. They had to find a table themselves and were later approached by Staff 1 to inquire about their drink and food preferences. The operatives requested the drink menu, which was promptly provided. However, the lack of proactive service was evident, as the operatives had to ask for water, and only after this request were they given complimentary crisps and nuts.

During their visit, the operatives noticed that guests on the outside area of the establishment had to actively seek staff attention for service. Staff 3 went outside to attend to a guest’s request, but it was disappointing that the operatives and other guests had to rely on similar actions to have their concerns addressed. The staff’s lack of attentiveness disrupted the flow of the experience and caused inconvenience.

Furthermore, the operatives discovered spelling mistakes on every page of the menu, reflecting a lack of attention to detail. A more significant issue was the pricing mistake within the whisky section, where a product was listed at an extremely low price of £2. This kind of error requires prompt action to either honour the advertised price or remove the product until the correct pricing is established. Failure to address such discrepancies may result in customer dissatisfaction and potential legal consequences.

In terms of the wine menu, the operatives noted a significant limitation. The available options for wines by the glass were limited to one rosé and one champagne. The absence of popular choices like Prosecco, English Sparkling, or Cava restricted guests’ preferences and diminished the overall dining experience.

Recommended Action Points:

The following recommended action points provided by our Mystery Guest operatives aim to address the observed issues and assist the venue to improve and deliver exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression on their guests:

  1. Review and revise all menus thoroughly to ensure accuracy, correct spelling mistakes, and maintain consistency in product information and pricing. Attention to detail will contribute to a professional image.
  2. Implement a system for staff members to regularly check on guests using the terrace area, particularly during peak times. Proactive service will ensure that all guests, regardless of their location, receive equal attention and feel valued.
  3. Expand the wine menu options to include a variety of choices, such as Prosecco, English Sparkling, and Cava, alongside the existing selections. Offering a wider selection will cater to diverse preferences and enhance the overall dining experience.


By addressing these issues proactively, management can elevate the establishment’s reputation as a premier establishment. Prioritising attentive service and a flawless dining experience will contribute to customer satisfaction and uphold the venue’s commitment to excellence.

About Capcon’s Mystery Guest reviews:

As the hospitality industry becomes increasingly competitive, investing in customer-focused initiatives like the Capcon Mystery Guest service is a strategic move that yields long-term benefits. By embracing the valuable feedback and taking proactive measures, businesses can foster a culture of continuous improvement and establish themselves as leaders in delivering exceptional guest experiences.

With our Capcon Mystery Guest reviews, businesses embark on a journey of growth and excellence, ensuring that each guest encounter is memorable and delightful. It is through these dedicated efforts that establishments can forge lasting relationships with their customers and create a reputation that sets them apart in the industry.

If you’re seeking exceptional Mystery Guest services and want to elevate your customer experience, get in touch. Our highly skilled team of Mystery Guest operatives is ready to uncover insights, evaluate your operations, and provide valuable feedback.

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