Capcon Celebrates the Brilliance of English Wine: Spotlight on the 2024 IEWA Winners

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Capcon Celebrates the Brilliance of English Wine: Spotlight on the 2024 IEWA Winners

It’s English Wine Week, and Capcon is delighted to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the 2024 Independent English Wine Awards (IEWA) winners. This year’s event highlighted the exceptional quality and innovation within the English wine industry, showcasing the best wines from across the country. As a leading provider of inventory management solutions, Capcon is proud to support these talented vineyards, enhancing their operations through advanced stock control and auditing services.

The IEWA 2024: A Testament to Excellence

Now in its 8th year, the IEWA continues to be a pivotal event in the English wine calendar, promoting and celebrating the creativity and quality of domestic wine producers. The competition is known for its emphasis on values such as visibility, plurality, quality, and credibility, principles that resonate with Capcon’s commitment to integrity and innovation in the hospitality sector.

Judging Classifications and Gold Medal Winners

The IEWA categorizes entries into distinct wine styles to ensure a fair and relevant comparison. The classifications include:

  • White
  • Rosé
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White Sparkling
  • Rosé Sparkling
  • Red Sparkling
  • Sweet
  • Fortified

This approach allows wines to be judged alongside comparable styles, focusing on presenting only the medal classifications to the consumer as “Medal Winning English Wine.” This year, ten exceptional wines received gold medals:

These wines represent the pinnacle of English viticulture and winemaking skill, setting a benchmark for quality and innovation in the industry.

Marcus Jones, Capcon Managing Director, comments: “English wines are undergoing a remarkable evolution, demonstrating that they can compete on the global stage, particularly in the sparkling wine category. This year’s IEWA results underscore the outstanding quality and innovation that our English estates are capable of. At Capcon, we are proud to support these talented producers with our tailored stock control software, inventory management solutions, and expert auditing services. We celebrate each of the IEWA winners and commend their contributions to elevating England’s standing in the world of fine wines.”

View all the medal winners here:

Capcon’s Role in Supporting the Wine Industry

Capcon’s specialised services help vineyards and wineries optimise their operations with advanced Stock Controls systems offering cloud-based, fully customisable inventory solutions for real-time data analysis and precise stock tracking. Our auditing and compliance solutions maintain industry standards and high quality, enhancing profitability through meticulous inventory management and strategic operational support.

Looking Ahead

As the English wine industry continues to grow and evolve, Capcon remains committed to fostering its success through innovative solutions and dedicated support. We are excited to be part of this thriving industry and to celebrate the achievements of this year’s IEWA winners.

For more information on how Capcon can help your vineyard or winery, visit our website or contact us directly. Join us in celebrating the success of the IEWA winners and the bright future of English wine.

Here’s to the vibrant future and continued innovation in English wine! 🍷#EnglishWineWeek2024

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