Target management, time and resources effectively


Its not always the knowing of what your KPI’s and systems are telling you but the understanding and what to do with that data that is key and with our Training programs, seminars and talks we are able to provide the help your businesses need by sharing our knowledge with the ones that need to know.

Systems Training

With the ability for you and your teams to use our stock managements systems Costs could be reduced without the loss of controls. To make sure those that are using the system have the knowledge required to both process and analyse the data produced our skilled trainers are able to teach the full suite of applications so your teams get the most out of what they put in.

But our trainers’ skills do not only stretch as far as our own stock controls systems but other systems as well and through relationships with those companies we have developed the knowledge to further help your teams use those systems to their full potential.

These training sessions can be completed as one to one session going through the live scenario that is your businesses giving site specific help in how better to manage the sites stock, As Class room training on how to get the most out of the system and better manage their time so that controls are tight for maximum output, and as webinars were broad information can be relayed in specific areas of the systems to larger group of people from any corner of the country.

Talks and Seminars

You may feel that an understanding of your KPI’s is required by your businesses and that a talk or seminar would be a great way to teach your teams on the importance of controlling these areas of the business to maximise profits. With our historical knowledge on the industry, we pride ourselves on our understanding of these areas and have examples of good and poor management to help provide real world scenarios to share with our clients. These talks could also take the form of Q&A sessions at area managers meetings and alike to help with knowledge and relations within the industry.

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