Stock Taking

Extensive expertise, with specialist knowledge across liquor, food, leisure and retail based operations.

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Stock Taking

Effective stock control impacts everything from customer satisfaction to efficiency and profit margins.

We at Capcon operate Nationally in the UK for the Hospitality sector, dealing with Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Theatres, Casinos and major venues to help manage and Improve stock controls within your business.

We have experience in working with single sites through to multi-site businesses providing key data to those that require it.

By involving us in your stocktaking, you gain information and valuable insights on a range of key performance indicators, including gross margin by product, purchase details and cost prices, adherence to stocking policy and more.

Electronic Cellar Management System

The effective management of central storage areas is essential, and we can review these, too. We’ll immediately highlight any issues that could impact local stock results. The systems and reporting that Capcon introduces deliver an unparalleled degree of stock transparency and control.

Our easy-to-use Electronic Cellar Management System provides new levels of stock transfer control, with up-to-date theoretical balances. It allows any authorised user to go in, run a report and check cellar stock.

Capcon’s stocktaking services help you to maximise accuracy, improve supplier negotiations, highlight variances, reveal profitability and use tactical promotions.

As well as being skilled in using our own Management Systems our auditors have the knowledge, skills and abilities to use other available systems out there that you may have already integrated into your business systems. This means you are not bound by any constrictions like having to perform your own in-house audits and can get the data you need confirmed by our skilled auditors.

We offer a variety of services when it comes to stocktaking which can be tailored to your specific requirements as we at Capcon know that not only is no two businesses alike but also no two sites within those businesses are alike and because of this we offer you a variety of options to suit you.

On-property Audits

Obtain the data you require from our skilled team of auditors who can provide you with data and analysis to see how your sites are performing and help increase profitability and reduce risk.

Remote Stocks

We can support and analyse the data that you process to give extra validity to those businesses that complete internal stocks and wants help to reduce the possibility of errors.

Inventory Counts

If you require an external auditor to validate your stock holding value as either part of a sale of a business or even for your P&L so it has accurate data applied.

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