Risk Management

We can support you with specialist audits on aspects of your business such as regulation compliance and brand protection.

Risk Management

Capcon brings independence, in-depth sector knowledge and unique auditing expertise to the table.

Whether you would like us to look at revenue control, banking, health & safety, IT controls, food hygiene, employment records, spirit testing or any combination of these, we can build an audit model to suit.

Partner with Capcon

Partnering with Capcon frees your team to concentrate on core business strategy. We pick-up issues proactively and report them by exception, making key information immediately available in the most suitable, easily accessible formats for your users.

Our audits are independent and clearly structured, ensuring a consistent and highly professional approach that helps you to manage your team’s performance confidently and objectively.

Some of these risk identifiers that we would investigate as part of the consultancy are:

Protection of margins and Profit – analysis of key identifiers that could result losses due to lack of controls and mismanagement of key areas of the business.

Product range and its profitability – by looking at products costs, consumption, wastage and margins we are able to provide data that could help with supplier costs and manage stock holding on a product level.

Cocktail and Wine list creation – We are able to consult on wine lists and help build cocktails to ensure you achieve quality and profit from your range.

Wastage Management – Identify products and processes that if focused on could reduce losses and maximise profitability.

Risk of Fraud – Investigate areas of your business that are most likely susceptible to fraud and provide actionable data to reduce and remove these factors.

Cash Handling – We would provide full cash handling and procedures review and provide unannounced audits on a sites finances and recording of revenue to protect the business.

SOP Writing – Aid in the writing of a companies Standard operating procedures so that any miss management outside of this can be referred to or actioned on accordingly.