How risky is your hospitality business?

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How risky is your hospitality business?

Risk management is a key part of the everyday running of any business.

Within the hospitality sector, there are many ‘risks’ that are encountered on a regular basis, such as:

  • Products passing their expiry or ‘use by’ dates – To circumvent this issue, it is key to ensure stock rotation and that delivery management levels are in place and fully adhered to.
  • Security of stock is another common risk – All areas that hold stock should be able to be locked away using, for example, shutters covering spirits and wine on the bar top, locks on all fridges and cupboards holding stock, and secure storage areas.
  • CCTV is a key component of a hospitality business – Cameras must be placed in the best possible location. If there is a camera covering a bar, for example, it must cover the critical areas such as tills, spirits and any other high value products.
  • Key monitoring – If there are different keys to allow individuals into secure areas, there are systems that could be put into place to ensure this can be monitored.


At Capcon, we work with a range of business across the hospitality sector, each posing their own unique risk areas. Our work is therefore tailored to each specific situation and we always seek opportunities to reduce risk and protect the business. Talk to us about our services. We offer a range of methods and solutions to identify, assess and control security threats and apply our experience to effectively safeguard against risk.

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