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Optimise stock management with Reality Stock software. Developed by specialists, it empowers businesses of all sizes to enhance control, cut costs, and streamline operations.

Effective stock management is imperative, regardless of the size of your operation. At Capcon Services, we understand this critical need, which is why we have developed Reality Stock software. Our cutting-edge inventory management solution, created by stock management specialists, empowers you to cut costs and gain greater control over your inventory.

Product Story - Evolving for Success

Our journey began in 1994 with the development of our suite of applications. Over the years, we have diligently maintained and upgraded these applications. However, we realised that they couldn’t keep up with the rapid advancements in technology and cloud-based systems. To address the growing demand for improved accessibility to data and results, we embarked on an extensive market review.

While we explored various solutions that offered unique and bespoke features, none of them encompassed everything we sought. Additionally, relying on third-party software would compromise our ability to swiftly adapt to our clients’ individual needs, a core factor in our success thus far. Recognising our in-house expertise and knowledge, we started developing online features internally and discovered our potential to create our own cloud-based, fully customisable stocktaking solution. Drawing from our understanding of other systems, we identified key feature requirements that laid the foundation for our system – the birth of Stock Controls.

Reality Stock: Empowering Your Inventory Management

Stock Result KPI's

Key stock result information, clearly presented.

Export Table Reports

Key reports can be exported into Excel, allowing for in-depth data interrogation and analysis.

Simplify Your Daily Operations Effortlessly

Robust Operations: Reality Stock provides all the stock functionality you need to support robust and efficient operations. Manage stock movements between multiple outlets, analyse recipe costs and theoretical margins, identify target margins and pricing strategies, and quickly review and share Stock Summary reports.

Clear Reports for Enhanced Business Visibility: Finance teams love Reality Stock’s clear and easy-to-produce summary reports, improving business visibility and understanding. Key stock management indicators help you sense-check data integrity, and the software enables faster account closure, ensuring timely management accounts information.

Commercial Agility: With Reality Stock, you gain ultimate control over your stock through accurate, real-time information. Import and export data effortlessly, produce variance reports, and investigate issues. Review data on a site, area, or group basis to respond rapidly to commercial events. Easily review pricing, product mix, and supplier processes to create effective promotions on the fly, boosting sales revenue and margins.

Reduce Physical Stock Audits: Reality Stock significantly reduces the need for costly monthly external stock audits. Our remote stock audit service allows our experts to check your monthly data on Reality Stock before closure, reducing the frequency of physical audits and saving you time and money. When external audits are required, our experts are available to assist.

Expert Stock Audit and Business Review Visits: With Reality Stock, your business can reduce costs and enhance operational control. While stock audit visits become less frequent, our on-site stock audit and business review services help accelerate profitability and growth. We cover key performance indicators, profit growth opportunities, cash handling procedures, security practices, product display effectiveness, stockholding levels, and general business performance.

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