Andrew Worrall

Operations Support Manager

Andrew Worrall, Operations Support Manager at Capcon, brings 16 years of extensive experience in the hospitality industry. He has excelled in diverse environments, including late-night venues, countryside food-led establishments, and heart-of-the-community locations, earning him a strong reputation for adaptability and team motivation. Andrew’s successful management extends across multiple cities, such as Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, Hastings, and Norwich.

In 2017, Andrew transitioned to the field of Audit at Capcon Ltd, leveraging his knowledge to assist clients in optimising operations and minimising losses. His exceptional interpersonal and communication skills led to his promotion as Senior Auditor in 2022. Andrew not only conducts audits but also manages client relationships ensuring satisfaction and fostering strong partnerships.

Recently, in April 2023, Andrew further advanced his career as he was promoted to Operations Support Manager at Capcon. In this role, he oversees process management and provides guidance to trainees, demonstrating his effective leadership and mentorship qualities.

Andrew’s philanthropic endeavours are also noteworthy. In 2016, he completed a charity skydive, raising an impressive £6,500.

Andrew Worrall’s accomplishments, expertise, and commitment make him a valued professional at Capcon, with a demonstrated ability to drive profitability for businesses in the hospitality industry.

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