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Intelligence, protection and security for individuals and businesses.

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When making informed investment decisions, financial due diligence is an investigative analysis of the financial performance of a company or individual, to gain a better understanding of the financial situation and future prospects. Making the right investment decision can have a significant impact on shareholder value.


Highly regulated by the Gaming Commission, the gaming and gambling industry, requires strict compliance screening…Customer Due Diligence application is used to collect information about customers and to scan and evaluate this information. After this evaluation, the customer’s existing risks are determined, and an action step is taken accordingly. Customer risks can be reduced with CDD.


Effective candidate screening is crucial in ensuring compliance and mitigating the risk and cost to your company of a bad recruitment decision. We provide specialist background screening and pre-employment checks for your candidates providing an efficient and compliant on-boarding process.


Comprehensive security and protection services for businesses and individuals, including business executives, politicians, domestic and foreign dignitaries, sports and entertainment celebrities and other notable individuals.

Business Intellligence

Tailored business Intelligence solutions designed to increase business productivity, enhance risk management and improve decision-making.

Business Continuity

Our bespoke, formulated assessments and implemented plans provide security and resiliency to enhance protection, mitigate risk, and help your business respond to and recover effectively from a threat situation.

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Stock Auditing
Remote Stock Support
Consumption Analysis
Group Reporting
Inventory Management Software
Compliance Auditing
Mystery Guest Review
Employment Checks & Due Diligence
High Level Employment Screening

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