Mystery Guest Review

Professional, independent mystery guest reviews, enabling service industry businesses to quickly ascertain and enhance the true quality of service, identify inefficiencies and potential risks.

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Mystery Guest Review

A ‘Mystery Guest’ review or ‘independent verification’ method is one of the most effective tools for detecting defects in service at all levels, whilst providing valuable independent insight into a business’ operations, service delivery and standards from a customer’s perspective. This is particularly effective for businesses who rely heavily on customer service and repeat visitors, such as those in the hospitality or financial services sectors.

A mystery guest review provides an independent assessment by an external individual or team who will be on site to check that staff are adequately trained, the facility equipment is of an sufficiently high standard, cleanliness is maintained in private and public areas and rooms, the food is of a high quality, as is the range of menu options and availability of beverages.

Our auditors can attend your sites unannounced, as an undercover guest to review and rate the full experience that your real guests receive.

Our mystery guest assessments are tailored to your brand and your specific requirements, ensuring that the information attained not only reflects the purpose of the programme, but also highlights guest experiences from their perspective, managing risk, driving actions, enhancing repeat visits and positive reviews, and boosting profit.

Sometimes you may require a more investigative approach to this analysis as you may have suspicions or require evidence of miss dealings or procedures that are not being followed at specific sites. An initial briefing of your requirements and concerns can be had and a bespoke action plan for the visits can be created. This can include purchasing of specific products or categories, length of visit, time periods during the service, specific areas to visit or services to purchase.

They will also undertake assessments to ensure that there are no internal risk concerns such as discrepancies amongst staff, including theft or fraud, that employees are competent and committed to exceptional customer service, and that they are exceptionally competent, offering enhanced sales skills to ensure a consistently high level of customer service – and, where relevant, the subtle ability to upsell products and services to enhance revenues.

In brief, a mystery guest review is a deep, independent, analytical review of a cross-section of service standards across each facility, whether it be a hotel, restaurant, bank, tourist destination, or any other customer-focussed, employee dependent business.

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