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A Mystery Guest Review is one of the most effective tools for detecting irregularities in service at all levels.

They offer essential, unbiased insight into a company’s operations, standards, and service delivery from the viewpoint of the customer. This is particularly effective for companies in the hospitality industry that depend heavily on repeat business and customer service.

Mystery Guest visits provide the following:

Capcon provides detailed in-depth and factual guest experience reports rather than a ‘check list’ report

Mystery Guest LP

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Mystery Guest visits are invaluable in identifying and highlighting the following:

Professionalism and attentiveness of staff

Areas of service in need of improvement

Staff members that went above and beyond

Staff training requirements

Potential /missed opportunities for upselling of products and services

Booking procedure/experience and efficiency

Areas within and around the hotel in need of refurbishment or improvement

Why choose Capcon for your mystery guest reviews?

We offer a comprehensive, objective, and analytical analysis of the various service standards applied throughout a hospitality business.

From restaurants, hotels and bars, to casinos, theatres, and racetracks, we work across the entire sector.

All of our mystery visitors are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the hospitality and service sectors, enabling them to accurately evaluate any customer experience and pinpoint opportunities for both quality and efficiency improvement.

Using this real-time feedback, businesses can make the necessary adjustments to ensure a positive customer experience and increase sales.

Mystery Guest Reviews
Mystery guest reviews are becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry due to the unique insights they can provide. By evaluating customer service and experience in a real-world setting, they can give hospitality businesses useful information about the areas that need to be improved and give them a chance to make changes that will help the business continuously evolve and succeed.
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