Inventory Management Software

Whatever the size of your operation, effective stock management is crucial. Reality Stock software has been developed by stock management specialists, enabling you to cut costs and increase control.

Product Story

Our current suite of applications was first developed in 1994. Whilst these have been maintained and upgraded throughout the years, they were not able to compete with the advancements in technology and cloud-based systems. Over the years, in addition to our own software, we have utilised a number of client-specific solutions which all operate in different ways to produce a stock result.

With the growing need to provide better accessibility to the data and results for our clients, we reviewed the market to see if any solution existed that met our needs. Whilst many solutions provided unique and bespoke features, none of them had it all. In addition, using a 3rd party software platform would mean we lost the ability to quickly adapt to a client’s individual needs and requirements, a core factor in our success to date. Having started to develop on-line features internally we quickly discovered that we had the expertise and knowledge to create our own cloud-based, fully bespoke stocktaking solution. Drawing on our understanding of other systems we identified key feature requirements. These became the foundation on which the system is built. The concept of Stock Controls was born.

Stock Result KPI's

Key stock result information, clearly presented.

Export Table Reports

Key reports can be exported into Excel, allowing for in-depth data interrogation and analysis.

Day-to-day tasks made easy

Reality provides all the stock functionality you need to support robust and efficient operations.

• Manage stock movements between multiple outlets
• Analyse recipe costs & theoretical margins
• Identify target margins & pricing strategies
• Quickly review & share Stock Summary report

Clear reports (Finance love Reality, too)

With clear, easy to produce summary reports, Reality Stock improves business visibility and understanding. It includes a series of key stock management indicators to help you sense check data integrity.

The software also frees you to close your accounts much more quickly, getting management accounts information to your finance team without delay.

Commercial agility

With Reality you gain ultimate control of your stock with accurate, real-time information: you can import data, produce variance reports and investigate issues. You can export data too, sharing information with your team and colleagues in other departments.

The software makes it easy to review data on a site, area or group basis, so you can respond rapidly to commercial events. Being able to easily review your pricing, product mix and supplier process, helps you create effective promotions ‘on the fly’, boosting sales revenue and margins.

Reduce physical stock audits

Monthly external stock audits are a costly necessity. With Reality Stock, the frequency of these visits can be drastically reduced.

Our remote stock audit service gives you the reassurance of having our experts check your monthly data on Reality Stock before you close it out. Physical audits are needed much less frequently, saving you valuable time and money. And when external audits are called for, our experts are available to help*.

*Site visits by our experts can be commissioned at additional cost, if they are not included in your chosen monthly subscription package.

Expert stock audit and business review visits

With Reality Stock, your business can radically reduce costs and increase operational control. You’ll need less frequent stock audit visits, but when they are required, our experts can help. Our on-site stock audit and business review services help you accelerate business profitability and growth, covering:

• Key performance indicators
• Opportunities for profit growth
• Cash handling procedures
• Security practices
• Product display effectiveness
• Stockholding levels
• General business performance

4 Key Features

Cloud Based

Accessible from any internet-enabled device, meaning zero deployment into End User Systems providing a hassle-free rollout.

Easily Integrated

External information, including Purchase Information and EPoS Sales, are easily imported in.

Multi Language & Tax Jurisdiction Support

Giving the flexibility to support and operate stock control measures globally.

User Control Restrictions

Able to provide different users with bespoke levels of responsibility within the system, providing logged user audit trails.

Subscription Options


Store Control

£ 15 Per Month*
  • Deliveries
  • Track Movement to Outlets
  • Cellar Reconciliation

Retail Control

£ 35 Per Month*
  • Everything in Store Control
  • Stocktake Levels in Outlets
  • Fully Extended Stock Results

Total Control

£ 50 Per Month*
  • Everything in Retail Controls
  • Reconcile Inter-Site Transfers
  • EPoS Sales to Stock Usage

Enterprise Control

£ POA (Price on application)*
  • Everything in Total Control
  • Global User Accounts
  • Customised User Support
  • Customised Branding
  • Access to Stock Controls API

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