Executive Screening & Compliance

Services designed to protect businesses from financial, reputational and security risk, enabling a balanced, fully informed commercial decision to be made, and ensuring compliance with any regulatory requirements or internal policies.

Capcon Argen Services

Executive Screening & Compliance

Senior roles, sensitive positions and jobs with contextual vulnerabilities require not only an assessment of experience and technical ability, but also of qualitative attributes and potential reputational risk. It is therefore vital that an employer has access to objective, independent intelligence regarding any high-level applicant.

Capcon Argen offers an advanced screening service which not only verifies candidate disclosures, but such assessments also provide information that might fall below the voluntary disclosure requirement so that a balanced, fully informed commercial decision can be made. Adding to this, screening programmes can strengthen a business’ defence should a lawsuit arise, by demonstrating ‘duty of care’ in the employment process.

Pre-hiring background checks are therefore essential in ensuring that you are making the right employment decisions and protecting your business.

Capcon offers a tiered approach to Employment Screening, from entry level checks to more comprehensive high level review programmes for key executive hires. Our range of intelligence, protection and security services, which includes employee screening for organisations pre-trading, are provided to businesses in the UK and worldwide.

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