Employment Screening

Role related risk assessments, delivering objective, independent intelligence about a prospective candidate.

Capcon Reality Services

Employment Screening

Whatever the size of your business, effective candidate screening is crucial: Reality Check is a managed screening service for the Hospitality industry that ensures compliance and allows for an efficient recruitment process

Reduce risk of fines and imprisonment
As well as being fast and automated, our screening service will streamline your processes and help to mitigate the risk and cost of bad recruitment decisions. It also removes the inefficiencies of working with multiple third parties. The ultimate benefit for your business – reduced admin and allows more time to focus on your customers whilst sourcing top talent

Great value – and easy to use
Reality Check is a great value, easy to use service providing 100% accurate results. 80% of checks complete automatically. Secure banking grade encryption protects candidates information

Candidate Screening - The right screening experience for your candidates

Its important to take a great deal of care to ensure that the person being screened is given a positive experience of the process. Your starting point is to trust that the information provided is genuine and then verify the details. Below is a sample of some of the checks available…

● Adverse Media Checks

● Criminal Record Checks

● Financial History / Credit Check

● Employment Reference Check

● Academic Verification

● Passport Verification

● Right to Work

● Professional Qualification Verification

● Identity Check

● Directorship Search

● Social Media Check

● Driving License Check

● FCA / Prudential Register

● International Screening

● Government Screening

● Civil Litigation Check

Find out more about our High Level Employment Screening services for senior roles, sensitive positions and jobs with contextual vulnerabilities.

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