New Rules on Distributing Tips: Navigating the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023

Starting 1 October 2024, the Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023 will revolutionise the way tips are managed within the hospitality industry. This landmark legislation ensures that tips, gratuities, and service charges are distributed fairly and transparently among employees, addressing longstanding concerns about their equitable allocation. Key Changes Introduced by the Act: Fair Distribution: Employers […]

Experiential Spending: The Rising Trend Among British Consumers

In a revealing shift in consumer behaviour, Britons are increasingly choosing to invest in experiences rather than tangible goods. According to recent research conducted by Barclays*, there is a strong preference for spending on activities such as holidays, concerts, and sporting events. This trend highlights a significant transformation in consumer priorities, with £178 billion projected […]

Navigating Business Risks in the Wake of the UK General Election: Strategies and Solutions

As the UK general election approaches on 4 July, businesses across the nation are preparing for the potential implications that could arise from shifts in government policy, regulation, and economic climate. This period of change can bring about significant risks, but also opportunities for proactive businesses to thrive. Here’s an exploration of the risks businesses […]

The Tides of Change: How Government Shifts Impacts Hospitality Businesses

As the UK general election approaches on 4 July 2024, the hospitality industry must prepare for the potential changes that a new government could bring. The effects of the last election provide key insights into how governmental policies can reshape the landscape of hospitality management, impacting everything from regulatory environments to economic and sustainability initiatives. […]

Rising Stars: The Ascension of English Wine in the Global Arena

#EnglishWineWeek feature article. Written by Nick Gay, Wine Enthusiast and National Client Manager at Capcon English wine has rapidly transformed from a speciality market into a formidable competitor on the international stage, particularly our sparkling wines. This transformative journey is driven by significant investment, state-of-the-art technology, and a changing climate that favours viticulture in regions […]

Capcon Celebrates the Brilliance of English Wine: Spotlight on the 2024 IEWA Winners

It’s English Wine Week, and Capcon is delighted to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the 2024 Independent English Wine Awards (IEWA) winners. This year’s event highlighted the exceptional quality and innovation within the English wine industry, showcasing the best wines from across the country. As a leading provider of inventory management solutions, Capcon […]

Boost your Summer Revenue With These Easy Steps To Efficient Hospitality Management

As we approach the bustling summer season, UK Hospitality spotlights Capcon, a preferred partner, highly regarded for their innovative compliance and profit enhancement solutions tailored specifically for the hospitality sector. Their expertise and cutting-edge tools are designed to help you maximise revenue and manage operations more efficiently throughout various seasons. Here we look at Capcon’s […]

Confessions of a Mystery Guest: The Double Dealings at The Regal Lion

In the shadowed corners of the bustling hotel bar of The Regal Lion in the heart of London, a clever but dishonest practice was unfolding, one that a keen-eyed Mystery Guest visitor, operating under the alias Emma G, was about to uncover. During her multiple visits, Emma noticed the bar’s popular bartender, James, who was […]

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